24 May 2014

Citrus Starfish Bracelet With Connie Crystal

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Connie Crystal 3mm pale yellow and pale orange crystals, 2 small orange sea glass starfish, 1 large yellow sea glass starfish, 14 5mm frosted orange glass beads

Beadalon® Jewel Loom™ 

Nymo® thread

12 May 2014

Recently Featured On Resin Crafts Blog!

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Kristi Parker Van Doren and Her Re-purposed Bench Project

The following post was written and photographed by Kristi.
I hope you enjoy learning how she created this one of a kind bench. Thank you for sharing Kristi!
How many of you like to re-purpose items?  Some friends of mine had this cute little bench for sale at a garage sale.  I thought to myself, “self, you can do something with that bench”.  So I bought it!  Yes, the seat lifts for storage.  I decided I wanted to use a mosaic look of sorts, add lots of texture and finish it off with RESIN! So lets get this party started!
I used my Golden Paints (got a GREAT deal on a garage sale of a then local artist, Pam Carriker!) to lay down some color.  Pam loves the teal/ochre combo so there were a lot of those colors along with white so I went with it!
So I blended and painted and blended and painted and then did it some more. I finally got the look I wanted and so I continued until the entire bench was covered. I colored a bunch of dominoes with Alcohol Inks by Dreamweaver Stencils. Yes, they have wonderful, rich Alcohol Inks!  I edged them with Gold Krylon Pens and made the “frame” for the mosaics on the bench top.
I found these stones/shells at Michael’s so decided to use them.  I have not ever done mosaic so I just winged it!  I love just making it up as I go, part of the freedom of art!  I used Designer Dries Clear Glue to attach everything to the bench.  It is the best over all glue I have ever used.  I like some others for different projects, but the Designer Dries Clear is my “GO TO” glue!
I did some glitter work between the bits of shell and let it all dry.  While I was waiting, I used my Connie Crystal Sheets in white to start trimming the bench on top.
I added a lot of texture to the front of the bench with Dreamweaver Stencils and several colors of Stencil Paste.  I added bits of the shell as well to the paste while it was still wet.
I also used ink to stencil on the pattern to add more depth.
I finally added the RESIN!  The dominoes made a great barrier for the resin and it just went on perfect.
I finished by brushing a bit of resin over the dominoes to seal them.
This is my final result…
I hope you enjoyed.
Stencils/Paste/Alcohol Inks : Dreamweaver Stencils
Crystal Sheets: Connie Crystal
Paint : Golden
Glitter/Glue: Art Glitter
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23 Apr 2014

Connie Crystal Spring Fling

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Here in Michigan, it is always hard to tell if spring time is serious.  Sunday was 79 degrees, but it snowed 3 inches yesterday.  Nevertheless, the calendar says it is spring time, so I am going to celebrate in the sparkliest way I know how–with Connie Crystal!

Here, I have a spinning letter, floral and “raindrop” banner.

12 Apr 2014

Beaded Blinged Easter Egg With Connie Crystal

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This Easter egg decoration is an eye catcher because of it’s large size, it’s iridescent paint, and it’s Connie Crystal bead accents!  A single egg in a decorative bowl is all you will need to give your Easter season a bit of glamour. 
Connie Crystal beads in assorted colors and sizes
Large Smoothfoam™ egg
Earth Safe Finishes Iridescents by Ann Butler Designs – Limelight, Lilac, Tangelo, Lipstick, Sunshine, Aquamarine
Pins, paint brush, emery board or sandpaper 
Sand seam on egg with emery board or sandpaper to smooth. 
Paint with sections of Iridescent paints.  Let dry and apply second coat.


09 Apr 2014

Connie Crystal Easter Treats

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Easter Treat Jar Gifts by Pinky
Hey there CC friends,
with Easter fast approaching I fins myself making tons of treat baskets and gifts.
I thought for all my adult friend this year I would make them a special
handmade crystal bracelet (Connie Crystal of course) and wrap it on a
jar full of sugary treats! Perfect for the Easter holiday.
With the amazing selection of Connie Crystal crystals and beads you are
sure to find the perfect combo. I even took apart a sun catcher and used it as
the accent beds on this blue and green bracelet.
 They are easy to string using a heavy duty elastic cord, and the possibilities are endless.
 Here is just a sample of the many bracelets I am making.
 To wrap them on a jar I filled the jar with candy,
wrapped it with ribbon, them used an Adhesive dot to ensure the bracelet
stayed in place.
 Each jar is not only a sweet treat but a handmade gift as well.
You can find all the Connie Crystal goodness on their website:
They make any project look amazing. 🙂
Until next time- Keep on creating!!
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22 Mar 2014

Connie Crystal Up Cycle Wine Cork

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Today I get to share a project I created using some beautiful Connie Crystal products.


A friend sent me a RAK with a wine cork in it so I thought I would create my first ever altered cork. There is just something cool about pairing up a recycled object that would have been tossed in the trash, with these classy crystals! 🙂


18 Mar 2014

Connie Crystal Lucky Charm

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Today’s creation is my “Lucky Charm” Bracelet.  It was simple to make and is a pretty little bauble to wear this St. Patrick’s Day, or any time you want to feel a little lucky.

It has a dangling four leaf clover that changes the bracelet’s look depending on how you turn your wrist.  The length is adjustable, too, depending on where you place the clasp.


08 Mar 2014

Connie Crystal Spring Fling

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This is a fun card that has been sent to our US members of Crafter’s Home!  As a member of Crafter’s Home you get an extra 10% off your order.  We also love working with other Crafter’s Home manufacturers like Graphic 45 and Worldwin Paper!  Check out this fun project.


Base Card Worldwin Champagne Petallics, Solid Layer Alpine AsterPetallics

08 Mar 2014

Faux Quilted Card

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My first post on my personal blog for Ann Butler’s DT!  I love these Hexagon Stamps!  So I used Ann’s Ink and covered a full piece of card stock from Worldwin.



They are so easy to line up!  Love it so much, and I changed colors as I went as well.



01 Mar 2014

Connie Crystal Lucky Earrings

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“Season of Green” Earrings